Night Logic Cream

Refreshing Radiance Night Cream – Face

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Much more than just a night cream, NIGHT LOGIC de-stresses the skin, leaving the face rested and relaxed when you wake up. 

This unique product is formulated to regenerate the skin during sleep, thereby relieving the day’s stress and fatigue at night.

The amazing texture lets the skin breathe during the night.


- Boost the microcirculation to irrigate and regenerate the skin

- Stimulate cell renewal to reduce signs of fatigue

- Hydrate the skin to restore softness and suppleness

Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types, Normal skin, Dull skin


Use advice

Apply each night to the entire face after cleansing thoroughly.

Key ingredients

Chrononight based on Chronobiology, this biotechnological extract derived from pseudo-microalgae, has a day-night growth rhythm similar to that of cells. It enables cell metabolism activation when it is most propitious: at night.
Esculoside boosts microcirculation.
Hydrocyte Complex

powerful moisturizer.

Expert advice

Entrust your face regularly to your GUINOT Beauty Therapist. She will advise you and offer treatments which have been proven effective and are suited to your beauty objectives.

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