Matizone Cream

“Perfect” matt cream

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The treatment cream MATIZONE was created to ensure beautiful, radiant and shine-free skin all day long. MATIZONE absorbs shine whilst providing the skin with just the amount of hydration it needs for optimum moisture balance.

The secret to MATIZONE’s effectiveness is Mati-sponges® microbeads, which absorb the lipids that cause shine without drying out the skin as many mattifying make-up powders do. MATIZONE is particularly useful in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), which is prone to shine. 

Neutralising shine whilst providing continuous hydration, MATIZONE helps maintain a beautiful and radiant complexion.


- Mattifies the skin by neutralising shine

- Hydrates the skin for a boost of radiance

- Protects the skin throughout the day

Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types, Normal skin, Dull skin


Use advice

Use every morning on face and neck.

Key ingredients

Matti-sponges (Mattifying Powders): instantly neutralise shine without drying, similar to the effects of make-up powders.
Hydrocyte Complex (powerful active ingredient that moisturises and protects) provides long-lasting moisture particularly on sensitive areas of the face, such as cheekbones.

Expert advice

Visit your GUINOT Beauty Therapist regularly. She will advise you and offer customised treatments that been proven effective.

Avoid soaps that dry out your skin as this can cause the skin to react and overproduce sebum.

Don’t forget to remove make-up and thoroughly cleanse your skin morning and night with specific products.

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