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Age Summum Treatment

The Treatment That Targets Signs of Ageing

Treatment's goals

An expert in anti-ageing skincare, Guinot has created a treatment product that acts on all levels of the epidermis to minimise sings of ageing: wrinkles, lack of firmness, dark spots, loss of radiance.

Age Summum combines technology and exclusive movements for visible results in just 50 minutes. By the end of the treatment, the skin is visibly more youthful and signs of ageing are minimised.

Treatment type

Anti-ageing Treatment

Skin type

All skin types, Normal skin, Tired skin

Suggested price

100€ to 120€

Age Summum Treatment

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En moins d’une heure de soin, le visage parait avoir gagné plusieurs années.

*Average decrease in wrinkle depth after 1 treatment (measurements: Visioscan).

**Average increase in tonicity after 1 treatment (measurements: Cutometer).

Panel of 10 test subjects.


Manual Techniques


After exfoliating the skin, the Beauty Therapist applies the serum with 56 Cellular Ingredients and pure, highly concentrated Vitamin C to boost skin activity and minimise dark spots.


Anti-Ageing Massage consists of 15 exclusive anti-ageing movements that ensure absorption of the precious active ingredients in the cream, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid Spherical Fillers and DNA to visibly rejuvenate and firm the skin.


Enriched with Pro-Collagen to procure an immediate firming effect and visibly younger-looking skin.

Beautician advice

Age Summum Treament is ideal for all women who wish to appear younger than their age. Your beauty therapist will recommend you one AgeSummum treatment to immediately correct signs of ageing and one treatment every three weeks for lasting results. To prolong the treatment benefits, she will prescribe products suited to your skin and beauty objectives.

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