1972 - Guinot-Mary Cohr Group Founded

Jean-Daniel Mondin founded the Guinot-Mary Cohr Group and redefined cosmetics with his own unique vision.

1972 - Hydradermie Treatment

First exclusive treatment method to beautify the face created

For the first time, a gentle ionisation process made skin more receptive to targeted actives selected to meet beauty goals.

Hydradermie treatment became a huge success in the world’s best beauty salons.

It has continued to develop thanks to excellent international training in New York, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Toronto, Madrid, Rome...

1975 - International expansion

The brand expanded to over 70 countries.

1986 - Longue Vie Cellulaire cream

Longue Vie Cellulaire cream created

Jean-Daniel Mondin embarked on a collaboration with Professor Raichvarg’s biology department at Cochin Hospital to assess how effective a nutrient complex would be on the skin of serious burn victims.

The legendary “Milieu de Vie Cellulaire” (a nutrient complex essential to skin cell life and regeneration) was born and immediately used in the formula for the Longue Vie Cellulaire face cream.

1998 - New Research Centre Opened

New Guinot-Mary Cohr research centre opened.

The new High Technology Research Centre of the Guinot Group - Mary Cohr.

2000 - First Franchise Salon Opened

First Guinot franchise beauty salon opened.

2004 - Sun care that protects cell DNA®

Sun care that protects cell DNA

DNA-based sun care range developed: the NUCLEIC DEFENSE® System.

Once applied to the skin’s surface, the NUCLEIC DEFENSE® DNA absorbs harmful UV rays instead of the DNA in the nuclei of living skin cells to better protect the skin.

2004 - Age Logic Cellulaire Cream

First Cream with Cellular Energy

Age Logic Cellulaire cream: the first skincare product that helps “deprogram” cell ageing “software”.

It stimulates skin cells that have become sluggish over time.

As well as selected actives to make skin more youthful, this cream contains ATP: a natural biological molecule that delivers the energy required for vital cell functions.

2005 - The In-Salon Slimming Revolution

TechniSpa slimming treatment launched

Guinot created a treatment with a unique and patented process that allows beauty therapists to offer clients real slimming results.

The TechniSpa is exceptionally good at slimming thanks to these three simultaneous actions:

  • Liposuction gets cellulite moving

  • Ionisation allows slimming actives to penetrate

  • Stimulation makes muscles work to burn fat.

2006 - Creation of a new factory that meets pharmaceutical standards.

New manufacturing plant that works to precise and rigorous pharmaceutical standards.

2009 - Comfortable Perfect Waxing

Two patented perfect waxing methods launched:

EPIL SMART® : Perfect waxing using “cold resin”.

STICK’HAIR® : Anti-breakage waxing.

2009 - ISO 22716 Certification

Guinot laboratories are among the cosmetic manufacturing establishments that have been certified as meeting the highest quality standard by the international certification body Bureau Veritas: ISO 22716.

This certification guarantees that the company's manufacturing standards are high-quality with cleanrooms, constantly monitored pure water, dual weight monitoring and traceability for each product.

2009 - New “Slimming Effect” Dual TechniSpa Treatment

New “Slimming Effect” dual TechniSpa treatment launched

Guinot brought out a new innovation: The “Slimming Effect” dual TechniSpa treatment.

This unique treatment uses “dual” liposuction in one go for exceptional slimming results from the first session.

2010 - Time Logic Age Serum

The serum that works at night for beautiful skin during the day.

This concentrated anti-ageing technology enriched with ATP (a natural biological molecule that delivers the energy required for vital cell functions) boosts skin cells’ energy metabolism for 24 hours.

Applied every evening, this product has incredible effects, making skin look younger and brighter from the initial applications.

2011 - Hydradermie Double Ionisation Treatment

More beautiful skin; a more radiant face

Hydradermie Double Ionisation Treatment

More beautiful skin; a more radiant face

Already the star treatment, Hydradermie now became Guinot’s superstar face treatment.

Hydradermie Double Ionisation allows beauty therapists to carry out personalised treatments to suit every skin type and leave client faces more beautiful.

Thanks to a unique new and revolutionary procedure, Double Ionisation, the Hydradermie treatment became even more effective:

- Actives could penetrate better.

- Serum-gels were reformulated to meet beauty goals.

- New electrodes meant it could be used on the face, eyes and neck.

2012 - Guinot-Mary Cohr Academy Opened

Guinot Academy training centre

Guinot started teaching its treatment methods to the best beauty salons and therapists.

In September 2012, Guinot created a model Academy so that therapists could access high-quality teaching. It trains outstanding beauty therapists and provides unique facilities (balneotherapy centre, lecture theatre, etc.) and the most recognised pedagogical standards.

The Guinot Academy awards French state diplomas to over 300 students a year from CAP to Bac+3, BP, Bac Pro and BTS.

2012 - ISO 14001 Certification

Looking after the welfare of and protecting the environment by taking a responsible and preventative approach has always been a key objective for Guinot.

This is something we now show with our environmental management system and ISO 14001 certification from the international certification body Bureau Veritas.

2016 - Smart Salon Created

Smart salon created (app, website, Facebook page, etc.)

Guinot created its online/digital e-Training app (website, Facebook page, etc.).

2017 - “Beauty Masters” created

“Beauty Masters” created: the first national competition for top Guinot-Mary Cohr staff.

Guinot introduced a national contest designed for brand staff with the aim of training, rewarding and showcasing the network’s outstanding beauty therapists.

The competition has two stages: a regional selection stage, then a grand final where the three winning therapists from each region compete to take home titles in different categories: Best Welcome, Best Method Between Two Treatments (Beauty Consultation and Prescription), Best Send Off (Making a New Appointment, Saying Farewell).