Youth Perfect Finish Cream spf 50 golden

Youth Complexion Cream SPF 50 - Face

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Applied in the morning, this anti-ageing cream illuminates the complexion with a sun-kissed look. The skin is protected from UV rays, which cause photoageing (wrinkles, sagging

skin). Immediately following application, the complexion appears radiant and more youthful. 

When used daily, the cream restores youthfulness and firmness, evens skin tone and minimises dark spots.

YOUTH PERFECT FINISH Cream SPF 50 also exists in a natural shade to suit all skin tones.


- Illuminate the complexion with a sun-kissed hue

- Visibly firm and rejuvenate skin

- Protect against UV rays

- Minimise dark spots

- Restore a youthful complexion

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Sensible Skin


Use advice

Apply in the morning to the entire face using light massage to ensure even skin tone.

Key ingredients

Youth Complexion Cream SPF 50 - Face

ENCAPSULATED PIGMENTS Instantly illuminate the complexion.
MELANOXYL Minimises dark spots and helps prevent their appearance.
VITAMIN C Smooths the skin and conceals imperfections due to pigmentation. Boosts the synthesis of elastic fibres.
HIGH UV PROTECTION FILTERS SPF 50 Help prevent the appearance of signs of ageing after UV exposure.

Over time, signs of skin ageing appear, including loss of firmness, wrinkles and pigmentation spots.


Over time, signs of skin ageing appear, including loss of firmness, wrinkles and pigmentation spots.
Youth Perfect Finish Cream - SPF 50 Youth Flawless Complexion

Expert advice

Visit your GUINOT Beauty Therapist regularly. She will advise you and offer customised treatments which have been proven effective.

Exfoliate once or twice a week to smooth skin and increase radiance.

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