Why trust my Guinot Esthetician ?

Our Guinot Estheticians are experienced and trained to observe your skin, learn about your habits and skincare routine, and then establish your beauty objectives. To do this, they carry out a Beauty Consultation during your visit: this is a step exclusive to our Beauty Institutes, completely personalized to your skin and its needs. As a "Doctor of Beauty", your Esthetician establishes this diagnosis and then guides you towards the Treatment to be received in the Beauty Salon and the Care Products to be applied at home; in other words, she prescribes the beauty ritual best suited to achieving your beauty objectives efficiently !

True Beauty Experts 

The beauty expertise of our Guinot Estheticians enables them to better understand your skin, its problems and needs, as well as your habits, in order to provide you with an effective, long-lasting solution. 

From your first visit to the Institut Guinot - and every time you come back - your Esthetician will examine your cleansed skin and probe your skin to define a personalized Beauty program with you. For face, body or hair removal, she will prescribe a treatment program to be carried out in the Beauty Salon, over a set period of time, as well as a set of Care Products to be applied at home every day or every week, to prolong and maintain the effects of the Care received in the salon.

Targeting your beauty goals 

Just like in a real coaching session, it's essential for your Guinot Esthetician to precisely target your beauty goals and then help you achieve them!

Fade the signs of aging, regain firmness, fight imperfections, soothe sensitivities, regain a beautiful glow and skin texture, lose inches... Beauty objectives are numerous and specific to each individual.

Your Esthetician will give you the advice and resources you need to achieve them, thanks in particular to her Beauty Prescription, which you'll need to apply and follow on a regular basis. Rely on her experience and Guinot skincare methods to achieve significant results very quickly!

Take the plunge to achieve your beauty goals and get advice from our Estheticians all over France ! 

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