Age Logic Serum

Repairs at night – beautifies by day

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Night is the best time to provide the skin with all of the necessary nutrients included in the serum. 

During this time the skin absorbs and allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin: while skin rests, cutaneous microcirculation is activated and facilitates the penetration and dispersion of active ingredients. Regenerating functions are optimized because biological energy is more readily available for skin cells at night.


- Nighttime repair: cellular life complex with 56 active ingredients is enriched in ATP, a biological molecule charged with energy: “to awaken the youth potential of cells that have become lethargic over time”

- Enhance the skin’s appearance during the day, visibly rejuvenating and improving firmness. 

Day after day, the face appears more youthful, firmer and smoother.

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Tired skin


Use advice

Apply every evening onto the face and neck. Use preferably for a 30-day treatment, since this is the time it takes for skin to be renewed.

Key ingredients

Repairs at night – beautifies by day

Le Milieu de Vie Cellulaire supplies the elements required for cellular life and regeneration.
Actinergie increases cellular oxygenation and stimulates cellular metabolism.
Vitamin E anti-free radicals and antioxidant.
Encapsulated ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores essential energy and delivers it for vital cellular functions.
Vitamin C anti-free radicals and lightening.

Expert advice

Preferably use in 30-day courses of treatment, the period during which complete skin cell renewal takes place.

Supplement with:

- Age Logic Cellulaire for its complementary day action.

- Age Logic Yeux for its complementary action on the eye contour area and on the eyelids.

Visit your GUINOT beauty therapist regularly. She can provide you with tips and treatments that have been proven to be effective and are suited to your beauty objectives.

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