Biologic Exfoliating Gel

Natural exfoliator with gentle fruit

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The cells in the epidermis are renewed every 28 days. However, many factors such as dehydration, aging, fatigue or excess sebum disturb the natural renewal process.

Due to these disruptions, the complexion looks dull and skin care products take longer to penetrate. 

Application of an exfoliating product will free the skin from its dead cells, thus promoting better oxygenation.


- Facilitate the gentle elimination of dead cells that dull the complexion

- Speed up and stimulate cellular renewal

- Result in good oxygenation and therefore better penetration of skin care products

- Instantly reveal the beauty of radiant, soft, smooth skin

- Perform a gentle exfoliation on all skin types

Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types - Sensitive skin


Use advice

Use once or twice a week. Massage in until it changes to oil.

Key ingredients

Natural exfoliator with gentle fruit

Natural Fruit Acids Exfoliate, activate cellular regeneration.
Green Tea Extract Stimulates, moiturises and regenerates.

Expert advice

See your GUINOT beauty therapist regularly for a facial treatment. She will advise you and give you a customized treatment of proven effectiveness. 

Use GOMMAGE BIOLOGIC for a luminous, even tan. 

Follow your exfoliating gel with the application of an appropriate mask, for even more visible results.

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Product sheet relating to environmental qualities or characteristics :

50ml tube 0503622

TUBE mainly recyclable

CASE, NOTICE fully recyclable

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