Age Logic Rich Cream

Longevity Rich Cream - Dry Skin

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Over time, the skin undergoes changes, and the first signs of ageing appear.AGE LOGIC Rich Cream helps boost cell activity and restart the mechanism of cellular nutrition. This revolutionary GUINOT skincare product restores life to skin cells that have become dormant over time. Its precious power lies in ATP. A natural biological molecule, this active ingredient provides energy essential for the vital functions of cells. When associated with Actinergie, ATP increases the oxygen consumption of cells, thus boosting the cells' vital functions. To offset these nutritional deficiencies, Liposkin and Pro-Ceramides help restore the acid mantle and boost lipid synthesis.Day after day, the face appears more youthful. The skin is nourished, comfortable and radiant once again.


- Boost the life of cells that have grown dormant over time- Increase skin cell activity

- Combat wrinkles, lines and loss of firmness

- Restore comfort and tonicity to the skin

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Dry skin


Use advice

Apply daily morning and/or evening to the face after cleansing thoroughly.

Key ingredients

Longevity Rich Cream - Dry Skin

ATP-ACTINERGIE Provides essential energy for vital cell functions and improves cellular oxygenation, boosting the metabolism.
RAMBUTAN LEAF EXTRACT Facilitates collagen and elastin fibre synthesis and cohesion to firm and smooth wrinkles.
PRO-CERAMIDES Boost the synthesis of major lipid components (ceramides) that help the skin to restructure the intercellular cement.
56 CELLULAR INGREDIENTS Boost cell renewal and metabolism.
LIPOSKIN Rich in saturated fatty acids; helps rebuild the skin barrier and intensely nourish the skin.

Anti-ageing innovation

"With age and the effects of the sun, the skin is less firm, thinner and drier"

Anti-ageing innovation
Discover the Age Logic Rich Cream

Expert advice

Visit your GUINOT Beauty Therapist regularly. She will advise you and offer customised  treatments which have been proven effective.

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