Age Logic Eye Serum

Combats signs of ageing and fatigue

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The skin around the eyes is thinner and more fragile than facial skin. With age and fatigue, signs of ageing appear on the eye contour. 

It is never too early to start caring specifically for this vulnerable area. 

SÉRUM AGE LOGIC YEUX nourishes the skin all night long with precious youth activators enriched in ATP and molecules filled with cellular energy.


- Regenerate at night: the nourishing cellular medium is enriched in ATP, a biological molecule loaded with energy, stimulating the action of cells that have become lethargic

over time

- Rejuvenate the eyes during the day: as the days go by, signs of ageing are erased, fatigue disappears and your eyes look younger

Target zone:


Skin Type:
All types


Use advice

Apply at night onto the eyelids and eye contours. Using the fingertips, smooth the product from the inner corners toward the outer corners. Can be used as a treatment course.

Key ingredients

Encapsulated ATP: biological energy to stimulate cellular vital functions.

Encapsulated ATP

biological energy to stimulate cellular vital functions.

Actinergie increases cellular oxygenation and stimulates cell metabolism.

Expert advice

Use in cure of 30 days, duration of the cellular renewal of the skin.

In addition, use:

- Age Logic Cellular for its complementary action of day.

- Age Logic Eyes for its complementary action on the contour of the eye and the eyelids.

Visit your GUINOT beauty therapist regularly for continuing facial care. She will advise you

and provide tailored treatments with proven effectiveness.

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