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Crème AGE LOGIC YEUX is the first revolutionary youth treatment product for the eyelid and eye contour area. In addition to essential nutrients necessary for cell life, Crème AGE LOGIC YEUX also contains ATP, the natural biological molecule that delivers essential energy for vital cell functions. 

Moreover, when associated with Actinergie, ATP increases the amount of oxygen that cells consume. Due to the combination of antiageing active ingredients and the energy generated by ATP, Crème AGE LOGIC YEUX rejuvenates the appearance of the eyelid and eye contour area.


- Revitalise and firm the skin in the eyelid and eye contour area

- Visibly smooth wrinkles and lines in the corners of the eyes

- Tone and ‘lift’ the eyelids

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Tired skin


Use advice

Apply morning and/or evening.

Key Active Ingredients - Crème Age Logic Yeux

Crème immunité anti-âge

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Stores essential energy and delivers it for vital cellular functions.


Increases cellular oxygenation through the mitochondria by stimulating their metabolism.

Expert advice

Use with specific eye products (Masque Yeux, Gel Anti-Fatigue Yeux). Also use in conjunction with the Longue Vie range or Age Logic Cellulaire.

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