My Iconic Eyes set

The look is subtly emphasized and intensified.

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our My Iconic Eyes Box, a limited edition that subtly highlights and intensifies your gaze. With Volume Mascara and Definer Mini Eye Pencil, this exclusive case is designed to enhance your eyes, creating a perfect set for captivating eye expression.

Features of the Box :

1. Mascara Volume : Give your lashes a spectacular dimension with our Mascara Volume. Its enriched formula ensures optimal grip from root to tip for breathtaking length, volume and curvature. The lower lashes can also be made up for an even more intense result.

2. Mini Eye Definer Pencil : Start defining your eye contour with our Mini Eye Definer Pencil. Its creamy texture glides smoothly, allowing precise application at the base of the lashes. It adds a touch of depth and elegantly highlights your look.

Application Tips :

1. Mini Eye Definer Pencil : Gently apply the pencil directly to the base of the lashes to define and intensify the look. Its compact size makes it the ideal accessory for quick retouching wherever you are.

2. Mascara Volume : Apply mascara from root to tip for maximum volume. Do not hesitate to make up the lower lashes for a more intense effect.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to the magic of a look subtly highlighted with the My Iconic Eyes Box. A luxurious gift that reveals the captivating beauty of your eyes and completes your makeup ritual with elegance.

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