Long Life Care Gift Set

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Discover the Long Life Care Gift Set, an invitation to regeneration and eternal youth for your skin. This exceptional box contains two care treasures, creating a complete routine to nourish and revitalize your face.

Long Life Cream, in a generous 50 ml format, offers a luxurious formula that stimulates cellular vitality, reduces the visible signs of aging and provides deep hydration. Your skin will regain firmness, radiance and softness, while the cream acts as a protective shield against external aggressors.

To enhance your eyes, Long-Life Eye Cream, in a practical 15 ml format, targets the delicate eye contour areas. Its light, silky texture reduces wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles, leaving your eyes radiant with youth and vitality.

As a gift, receive an elegant pouch and refined box that add a touch of sophistication to this luxurious set. The pouch allows you to carry your skincare products with elegance, while the box creates a sumptuous presentation, perfect for giving this set as an exceptional gift.

Give your skin the gift of time with the Coffret Cadeau Soin Longue Vie. A complete beauty experience that will reveal the timeless splendor of your face, for skin that's revitalized, rejuvenated and radiant.

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