Dépil Logic Serum

Salon treatment serum, calming effect for depilated skin

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Bulbaine is a powerful plant complex that visibly slows hair regrowth in two ways: it locally inhibits the enzyme involved in hair growth and it breaks down the structure of keratin to

make hair thinner. The skin is soft and hair-free for longer. 

DÉPIL LOGIC treatments should be applied after depilation and are more effective when hair is removed at the root. Ask your Beauty Therapist for advice on which depilation method is best suited to your hair and skin types. 

Intended for all skin types, it slows hair regrowth by attacking the root and soothes discomfort after depilation.

Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types, Normal skin


Use advice

Apply using light strokes immediately after hair removal on the depilated areas.

Key ingredients

Bulbaïne® (Extracts of Papaya, Lemon and Seaweed) slows hair regrowth and soothes irritation.
Horse Chestnut extract soothes and reduces irritation.
Moisturising agents moisturise the skin.
Alpha Bisabolol Extract of essential oil of Candeia facilitates the appeasement of feelings of irritation and heating related to hair removal.
Essence of bitter Oranges softens.

Expert advice

Use Easy Scrub one to two times a week to limit the hair growing under the skin.

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