Dépil Logic Deodorant Cream

Anti-hair regrowth deodorant cream - Body

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Specially formulated for the underarm area and highly concentrated in Bulbaine®, this creamdeodorant delays the formation of new hair and slows down regrowth.
The period between two hair removal sessions is extended and the skin remains hair-free longer.
This cream is enriched with active deodorising ingredients that regulate perspiration andeliminate unpleasant odours. High tolerance skincare formulation.

Bulbaine® targets hair during its growth phase and slows down regrowth.
Alum stone helpsneutralise the bacteria that cause body odour and regulate perspiration without obstructing the skin’s natural process, thanks to its astringent properties.

Target zone:

Skin Type:

All types, Normal skin



Use advice

Apply to underarms daily.

Key Active Ingredients - Dépil Logic Déodorant Crème


Helps break down keratin and locally inhibit the enzyme involved in hair growth to slow down regrowth from the roots.

Alum Stone

Neutralises bacteria that cause unpleasant odour and regulates perspiration, without obstructing the skin’s natural process.

Expert advice

- Hair regrowth is delayed.
- Armpit skin stays clear and soft for longer.
- It is durably protected against bad odors and the sensation of humidity.
Trust your GUINOT Beauty Therapist who will share GUINOT’s professional expertise to helpyou reshape your figure.

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