Pure Balance Cream

Re-balancing shine-free cream - Combination skin prone to oiliness

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Oily skin is easily recognized by its dilated pores, spots and shiny areas, due to hyperactive sebaceous glands (especially on the T-zone).

Linked to hormonal factors, these secretions can worsen under the influence of an unbalanced diet, pollution, stress or poor hygiene.
In the absence of in-depth treatment, these excessive secretions can cause obstructed pores and facilitate the proliferation of bacteria which, in turn, lead to irritation and unsightly spots.
Oily skin should be rebalanced with a suitable, complete treatment to purify and deeply cleanse the epidermis.
- Control and mattify oily skin
- Refine skin texture by tightening pores
- Neutralize shine for a matt finish
- Moisturize the skin

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Oily skin

Use advice

May be used all year long, morning and/or evening.

Key ingredients


regulates sebaceous secretions, antibacterial action.

Expert advice

Use with:

- Mousse Microbiotic for in-depth "treatment cleansing".
- Lotion Microbiotic to complete the cleansing process and to mattify the skin.
- Gommasque to absorb impurities and renew the skin.
- Correcteur Traitant to conceal localised imperfections.
See your GUINOT beauty therapist regularly for a facial treatment. She will advise you and give you a customized treatment of proven effectiveness.
Avoid products that are too harsh, including soap, as these will provoke a reaction leading to excessive sebum production.

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