Eye Lift Treatment

“Lifting” Eye Care Treatment

Treatment's goals

This Treatment reduces signs of ageing and fatigue in the eye contour area due to an exclusive Method: muscle stimulation.

Treatment type

Face Treatment

Skin type

All skin types, Normal skin

Suggested price

75€ to 105€

Eye Lift Treatment

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Beauty Results

The look is relaxed and visibly younger.

*Use test on 13 subjects after 1 treatment.

**Test carried out by projection of fringes after 1 treatment, maximum depth of the most important wrinkle on 7 subjects.


Techniques with Hydraderm



Eye Serum and targeted manual techniques help drain and boost the microcirculation to reduce puffiness and dark circles.



Muscle stimulation uses a microcurrent to work the muscles in the eye contour area. This phase, associated with the Gel Serum tightens the skin by restoring volume to muscles and drains puffiness and dark circles by boosting microcirculation. The ‘lifting’ effect is instantly visible: wrinkles in the corners of the eyes appear smoother and the eyelids appear ‘lifted’.


The GUINOT exclusive non-woven Mask smooths wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and between the eyes and visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Key Active Ingredients

During the treatment, the precious youth-enhancing, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle active ingredients act directly on the signs of ageing and fatigue.

Active ingredients for youth

- ATP: delivers the energy essential to the cells' vital functions.

- Cellular Life Environment: stimulates regeneration and cellular metabolism.

Anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle active ingredients

- Eye Liss: strengthens the skin's capillary barrier and drains.

- Dermochlorella: stimulates microcirculation.

Video's Eye Lift Treatment

Eye Lifting Care
Video's Eye Lift Treatment
Eye Lift Treatment: Lifting care for the eyes

Expert Advice

Ideal for women who want younger, more youthful-looking eyes.

To prolong the benefits of the treatment, your Beauty Therapist will prescribe the use of skincare products adapted to your skin and your beauty goals.

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