Hydra Sensitive Serum

Soothing “perfusion” for reactive skin

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Sensitive skin is often thin with few layers of cells, often dry, inadequately protected by a deficient hydrolipidic film.

It is permeable to the attacks that it suffers daily. In our modern environment, many factors weaken and attack the skin: pollution, pollen, stress, fatigue and hard water.

Does your skin show signs of irritation? Is it weakened, sensitive to its surroundings? Is it prone to redness, does it feel prickly and hot?

You have ultra-sensitive skin. Easily-irritated, ultra-sensitive skin should be rebalanced with suitable treatment that will desensitize it, provide continuous protection, and restore its comfort.


- Prevent sensitive reactions (tightness, redness)

- Protect the epidermis against environmental aggression

- Strengthen the skin’s natural defenses

- Soothes and provides a feeling of comfort

- Moisturize and soften the skin


Target zone:


Skin Type:

Sensitive skin



Use advice

Apply over the face under your usual cream, morning and/or evening. Can be used as a one-month treatment to be renewed according to skin needs.

Key ingredients


Soothing, anti-irritation action.

Vitamin E

Anti-radical and anti-oxidant.


Moisturises, recreates the hydrolipidic film.

Centella Asiatica extract

Soothes and protects, reduces redness.

Expert advice

Use with Hydra Sensitive Cream, for a soothing and repairing action.

- Visit your GUINOT beauty therapist regularly. She will advise you and select the right skin care products for your skin. - Avoid using tap water to rinse your face. It may contain harsh added chemicals that will irritate your skin (Cl, Ca …).

- Cleanse your skin carefully morning and evening with specific skin care products.

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