The Beauty Therapist “Beauty Doctor”

A real salon beauty treatment expert.

In your comfortable treatment room with a professional feel, your beauty therapist first examines your skin. She then asks for your thoughts on the skincare products that work best for you and finds out how sensitive your skin is when removing make-up.

Next, she discovers where your skin seems the most tired and how it is ageing over time.

Like a “beauty doctor”, she determines your beauty goals and guides you towards the best treatment for your skin.

She briefly explains how the treatment will work and the results you can expect. You then relax and enjoy an hour of beauty delights in the expert hands of your beauty therapist.

At the end of the treatment, your beauty therapist shows you the results and advises you on personalised skincare products with the best textures and active ingredients for your skin.

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  • The Treatment Room

  • The Salon, the Treatment Room

    The beauty salon is a treatment location where you come together with an expert beauty therapist.