Minceur Chrono Slimming Cream

Concentrated Slimming Cream – Specifically formulated for persistent cellulite

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Fatty deposits stored in cells are known as adipocytes.
Over time, adipocytes become surrounded by connective tissue, a network of fibres that become thicker.
It becomes increasingly difficult to drain the stored fat and the cellulite becomes more persistent.
The skin loses firmness and can feel sensitive to the touch. The affected areas take on an ‘orange peel’ appearance. In just 15 days, MINCEUR CHRONO Cream breaks down stubborn cellulite due to optimal distribution of a high concentration of active ingredients enriched with Cellulysium®.

- Target specific areas of concern
- Rapidly reduce stubborn cellulite
- Firm and reshape the figure
- Minimise the skin’s ‘orange peel’ appearance

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Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types, Normal skin



Use advice

In case of persistent cellulite, apply morning and evening to the areas of concern as a 15-day treatment.

Key Active Ingredients - Minceur Chrono Logic


Caffeine and Cellulysium

Caffeine is known for triggering the process of breaking down fat and Cellulysium for preventing the storage of fat.


Targets hard-to-reach adipocytes due to Bromelain, which helps break up the mucous membrane surrounding cellulite. Stimulates the penetration of slimming active ingredients.

Expert advice

Entrust your body regularly to your GUINOT beauty therapist who will share GUINOT’s professional expertise to help you reshape your figure.
Use a body exfoliation treatment once or twice a week to facilitate penetration of the active ingredients in MINCEUR CHRONO and to increase their effectiveness.
Eat a balanced and varied diet and exercise regularly.

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