23 April 2024

New New Life Serum

Restore the radiance of my youth

From the age of 25, cell renewal slows down, giving way to the first signs of aging on the skin and its surface.

This year, Laboratoires Guinot have created Sérum Nouvelle Vie especially for your skin : the first signs of aging treatment to restore youthful radiance !

This new addition to our Beauty range offers, over time, a youthful action by firming the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, while protecting it from cutaneous aging. It also has an anti-fatigue radiance action, brightening the complexion and reducing signs of facial fatigue.

With a one-month treatment, day after day, skin looks visibly younger, firmer and more even. Fatigue lines are blurred and smoothed, revealing radiant beauty.

Visit your nearest Institut Guinot or our online store to discover this innovative skincare product!

Tip : Why opt for a serum ?

- A serum offers a high concentration of active ingredients for optimal efficacy and enhanced action on the skin.

- Thanks to its light, fluid texture, the serum penetrates deep into the skin, preparing the epidermis to receive the skincare cream.

- Used as a one-month treatment, corresponding to the skin's renewal cycle, it specifically targets your skin's needs.

- Complementary to the skincare cream, the serum and cream work in synergy for optimal results.