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Testimony of Sabine Thibaut, Guinot affiliate

Sabine Thibaut, Manager of two institutes Guinot Paris Daumesnil (12th) and Paris Palais Royal (1st), explains the reasons that led her to convert not one, but its two institutes to the Affiliation Guinot!

"With the success of this transformation, I converted to Affiliation my 2nd institute. The brand Guinot is seen as a safe bet in aesthetics, avant-garde and luxurious."

Sabine, tell us about your entrepreneurial career in aesthetics?

I did an aesthetic CAP at the age of 16 years and then a BP aesthetic alternately.

I then worked for 10 years in a company of 4 institutes where I gained some experience especially as a team leader. I learned the basics of running and managing an institute. Then I felt the desire to manage a team and to evolve my job. At 28, I opened my first institute in the 1st district of Paris. There has been a real work of modernization and reconquest of customers. Given the success of this institute, I decided to open a second one in the 14th, which I sold since. 2 years later, I bought this institute, the 3rd one, in the 12th at Daumesnil. It was a real challenge since it was an old Body Minute with a low-skilled clientele that had to be retained and converted to our higher-end services. I transformed my Amarine institute in the 12th in Guinot institute in 2013. Building on this success, I converted to Affiliation my 2nd institute, rue de Richelieu in December 2015.

From the Amarine Institute to the Guinot Institute, what prompted you to choose the Guinot concept to convert your points of sale into branded institutes?

I heard about the Affiliate through my representative. Initially, I was reluctant to the concept of the franchise because I was afraid of losing my free will.

That of Affiliation seemed to me more attractive: less initial investments and more independence. I thought about it for a year to fully understand how the concept works as well as the benefits that my institute was going to be able to draw some.

I had several meetings with Guinot speakers. I received different documents such as a market study, 3D simulations, plans.

Guinot has a strong reputation among clients who have felt a move upmarket of the institute. The brand is seen as a safe bet in aesthetics, avant-garde and luxurious. We have just received the new Hydraderm Face Care Device with outstanding results and look forward to benefiting the customers. I know this brand is dynamic and innovative. We only have one brand so we trust them 100%.

Today, you manage two institutes Guinot on Paris, how do you manage to manage these two teams?

You need to have a manager in each institute and a structured team you are 100% confident of. I have a regular presence on both institutes. My teams need to see me to know that they are supported and coached every day, even if everything is fine. They were immediately motivated by the idea of ​​integrating the Guinot Affiliation. They attended training to supplement their expertise. I set up a quarterly collective meeting and a monthly individual meeting. At this meeting, we look at the figures extracted from the Ikosoft management software. We analyze the positive points and the things to improve and together determine the personalized future goals for each beautician. A trainer Guinot comes regularly so that they can maintain their level and master all the techniques of care and sales of the brand. Beauticians feel valued, listened to and trained and that is where the key to success lies.

How do you see the future with partnership?

All right, since we achieved the turnover I was hoping for in the first month of opening. I will recruit a CAP in September 2016 for Uriage and a BP on Grenoble. 2016 is a sign of success and challenge thanks to the partnership with Guinot!

What differences do you see before / after your affiliation?

I feel the support of the brand through communication tools, training and monitoring that are provided throughout the year. I was afraid to no longer hold the reins of my institutes. But this is absolutely not the case, I do not feel constraint in this concept while having a real support.

From the beginning we have seen an increase in turnover and attendance rate. Our customers have purchasing power and a higher average basket.

We have also been able to progress in customer recruitment thanks to the reputation of Guinot.

Stock management is facilitated because we can order products at any time on the management software and be delivered in 3 days maximum, which avoids the dormant stocks.

Today, what do you think about this partnership with Guinot and how do you envisage the future for your company?

I consider the future with serenity since my two institutes are under the name Guinot.

I see it more easily in the long run.

I wish to prosper my 2nd institute which has just turned into institute Guinot, rue de Richelieu.

I will dedicate 2016 to this project, hand in hand with the brand Guinot.

Laurence Bossa

In charge of the Guinot Institute in Marseille in the district of Chartreux.

"Today, surrounded by a well-known brand is necessary to evolve and grow its business."

Andreia Batista
In charge of the Guinot Institute in Antony.

"My institute achieved a turnover increase of + 63% in the first half of 2015 compared to 2014."