Hydra Peeling Treatment

Skin renewal treatment

Treatment's goals
To make skin “new” in just 45 minutes, Guinot has created the Hydra Peeling Treatment, the protocol of which is adapted to the sensitivity of your skin:

  • The Peeling Hydra PH for all skin types;
  • The Peeling Hydrabrasion for sensitive skin.

The Skin Renovating Hydra Peeling Treatment is a real alternative to Aesthetic Medicine for:

  • Erase visible signs of ageing
  • Recover a radiant complexion
  • Attenuate dark spots
  • Brighten skin tone

Treatment type

Peeling Glow Treatment

Skin type

All skin types, Normal skin, Dehydrated skin, Oily skin, Dry skin, Dull skin, Tired skin

Suggested price

100€ to 120€

Hydra Peeling Treatment

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Treatment Results

The complexion is radiant, luminous and even, the skin smooth and soft.

*Use tests carried out after 1 Hydra Peeling Care with Hydra PH or 1 Hydra Peeling Care with Hydrabrasion.

**Use tests carried out after 3 Hydra Peeling Treatments with Hydra PH.

Panel of 10 subjects.


Manual techniques



The Hydra PH Peeling exfoliates skin deep-down, targets dark spots and pigmentation.


The Hydra Neuve Massage regenerates skin cells and restores PH balance.
Beauté Mask

Beauté Mask

The Hydra Beauté Mask soothes skin and enhances beauty.

Key Active Ingredients

Exclusive care method to renovate the skin.

Phytic acid (from rice grains) exfoliates deeply and acts on pigmentation.
Dermostimulines (passion fruit extract) Stimulate cellular activity for a new skin.
Camelina oil nourishes and restructures the skin barrier.
Biolactone Cut the bonds between dead cells to facilitate their elimination.
Acticalm soothes and protects the skin.


Skin Care Equipment

A patented treatment device exclusive to Guinot, Hydraderm Cellular Energy awakens cellular activity by electrostimulation for a visible rejuvenating effect after one hour of treatment.
Hydra Peeling Treatment: The skin-renewing peeling treatment

Expert advice

Do not forget to apply Pure Comfort Cream with SPF after the treatment to protect your skin and avoid sun exposure.

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