Detoxygene Treatment

Reoxygenating Detoxifying Treatment

Treatment's goals

Environmental and domestic pollution settle on the surface of the skin and prevent it from breathing. The skin becomes dull.

In 1 hour, the Detoxygen Treatment frees the skin of these impurities and restores radiance. The skin breathes again.

Treatment type

Reoxygenating Detoxifying Treatment

Skin type

All skin types

Suggested price

75€ to 85€

Detoxygene Treatment

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Beauty Results

Immediately after the Treatment, the skin is radiant, and the complexion is luminous. The skin breathes.

*After 1 treatment. Panel of 10 subjects.

The environment and lifestyle have an influence on the beauty of the skin.

There are two types of pollution in the environment that settle on the skin and prevent it from breathing:

Air pollution (exhaust gases, tobacco smoke)

Domestic pollution (confined atmospheres, dust)

The way of life (poor diet, lack of sleep, stress) unbalances the skin which then produces more toxins.


The environment and lifestyle have an influence on the beauty of the skin.
Discover the Detoxygene Treatment: the Guinot Reoxygenating Detox Treatment

Beautician's advice

The Detoxygen Treatment can be prescribed several times a year as soon as the skin feels it the need (pollution peaks, period of stress or intense fatigue, change of season, after the holidays, etc.).


Manual techniques



The dual enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells loaded with toxins and pollution particles, smoothing and refining skin texture.
Detoxifying Mask

Detoxifying Mask

The mask acts as a ‘pollution magnet’, picking up and removing pollution particles to detoxify the skin. A chemical substance known as EDTA forms a chelate with metals, enabling their removal. Green Clay absorbs toxins and impurities.

The mask has a specific cream texture. Use a spatula to apply it over gauze placed on the customer’s face then peel off.

Reoxygenating Massage

Reoxygenating Massage

Massage reoxygenates the skin through manual techniques, which boost skin microcirculation, and through active ingredients in the massage serum.


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