Foot Peeling Treatment

Softens And Rejuvenates The Feet

Treatment's goals

This peeling Treatment, specifically designed for the feet, combines two effects: a ‘peeling effect’ that smooths rough areas on the sole of the foot and a ‘regenerating’ effect’ on the top and sole of the foot.

Treatment type

Foot Treatment

Skin type

Dry skin

Suggested price

35€ to 45€

Foot Peeling Treatment

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After a 30-minute Treatment: The skin on the feet looks "brand new". The feet feel more comfortable. The feet are visibly younger-looking. The skin on the feet is smooth and soft.

*Results observed after 1 treatment.

Panel of 13 test subjects.


Manual techniques


The pH alkali formula has been specially developed to exfoliate the stratum corneum of the sole of the foot. When combined with a single-use foot rasp, this foot peel restores softness to the feet.


When applied to the sole of the foot, the cream renews the skin and instantly restores a youthful appearance with 56 Cellular Ingredients.

Extending the effects of Foot Peeling

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