Why protect yourself from UV rays ?

If the sun has many beneficial actions for our body and our health thanks to vitamins D, a strong exposure to the sun can be dangerous for the skin and leads to premature aging. Indeed, 70% of skin cancers are linked to an overexposure to ultraviolet (UV). It is therefore essential to protect your skin before, during and after each sun exposure. However, the solar risk is not the same for all, the lighter the skin, the lower the sun capital.

The dangers of UV for our skin

Ultraviolet rays are the main cause of burns known as sunburn. And their long-term overexposure increases the risk of cancer and cataracts.

When exposed to the sun, we are exposed to three types of UV rays:

- UVA rays : they are filtered very little by the atmosphere; by penetrating the epidermis they are at the origin of certain cancers, the development of cataracts and especially premature aging of the skin.

- UVBs : 90% of which are absorbed by the atmosphere, they are those that cause sunburn and promote the appearance of melanoma or carcinoma (malignant tumors of the epidermis).

- UVC : they are the most dangerous but are completely filtered by the atmosphere because of their short wavelength, so they do not reach the surface of the Earth (except in case of hole in the ozone layer).

A very regular exposure, even without sunburn, can therefore be dangerous. Indeed, it should be known that UV doses accumulate throughout our lives, gradually reducing our sun capital.

The Guinot Sun Care Products

Facing the dangers that the sun represents for our skin, sun prevention is therefore essential, especially knowing that one cancer in three is skin cancer…

Expert in skin and beauty for 50 years, Guinot innovates by creating Sun Care Products adapted to its beauty objectives and broad spectrum protection, SPF 30 to 50+. Guinot Laboratories innovates with Solaire combining the right skin care and sun protection. 

- Long Life, the right anti-aging care: formulated with 56 cellular ingredients, Long Life Sun Care preserves skin aging. The face is visibly younger, wrinkles fade and the skin regains tone.

Long Life Sun Care is formulated with the 56 cellular ingredients, components of the Cellular Living Environment. These ingredients are essential for cell life and are used to replenish skin cells. Their effectiveness has been proven on burn victims.

- Hydrazone, the right moisturizer: with the active ingredients of the Hydrazone range, these Cares provide optimal hydration. The skin is intensely and durably hydrated thanks to Liposomes Hydrocytes, active ingredients loaded with water; They moisturize the epidermis intensely and constitute a permanent source of hydration.

Guinot Sun Care provides UVA/ UVB protection and intense hydration while respecting 

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