Watch out for the buttons when returning from vacation

Blemished skin tends to like summer and the drying side of the sun… Indeed, the summer skin is much more beautiful and imperfections hide, the skin thickens naturally with exposures… but be careful because they tend to come back as soon as the summer is over. Here are some tips to avoid them !

Beware of the «rebound effect»

When our skin is exposed to the sun, UV (ultraviolet rays) overstress its natural defenses so it ages prematurely. To defend itself, the skin will thus create a thicker layer and therefore will tighten the pores until sometimes even clogging them. This will result in an accumulation of sebum, which will mostly be felt and appear on returning from vacation, giving rise to many imperfections, such as blackheads or small pimples, whether you are subject to it or not usually. This is commonly referred to as the rebound effect.

The Pureté Guinot routine for the holidays

To best preserve the skin from this «rebound effect», it is imperative to first clean your skin. Microbiotic Purifying Lotion and Cleansing Foam are the essential and ultra-effective skincare products to rid the skin of excess sebum and dirt accumulated during the day, as well as to prepare it to receive the care of your routine. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and purified while creating a microbial barrier.

Note that it is also important to include a scrub and mask in your beauty routine to achieve optimal results. We recommend for example the Biologic Scrub, without grains, which gently peels off dead cells and revives the radiance of the skin.

Hydration as an ally for summer

We know that hydration is essential for the beauty of our skin. Skin that is not well hydrated will tend to become rough and have imperfections. Not to mention that with age, the skin lacks more and more hydration… That is why in summer, it is essential not to neglect this aspect !

The application of Hydra Summum Serum, composed mainly of Hyaluronic Acid, in the form of a cure, will allow you to quickly hydrate and regulate your skin problems and help you find a smoother, soft, plump and radiant skin. 

Finally, to prolong your tan and prevent your skin from future daily aggressions, the Hydradermie Jeunesse Soleil or Hydra Summum treatment will allow you to keep your skin radiant and healthy as soon as you return from your holidays. 

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