10 June 2021

Three ways to detoxify your skin

Dull complexion, slow cell renewal, dilated pores, our skin needs a detox!

Before the summer, our complexion looks grey! The radiance is not there, dark circles are more present, imperfections too. Stress, fatigue and pollution have taken their toll on our fresh complexion. However, as the weather turns cold, the sun comes out and the first rays of sunshine arrive, it is essential to give our skin a boost and offer it a little detox.

Why should we do this? First of all, to rid it of impurities, of external micro-pollution (e.g. exhaust fumes) and internal pollution (linked to confinement) which accumulate and suffocate it. The skin is the organ most exposed to both internal and external factors (diet, stress, fatigue). Then, to restart the machine, boost microcirculation and cell renewal. Finally, to prepare the skin to receive the benefits of the first sunrays in complete serenity.

Deep cleansing

Cleansing the skin is the first detox step! On a daily basis, focus on make-up removal, a step that should not be skipped under any circumstances because, while it removes make-up, it also eliminates pollution and impurities accumulated during the day that play an important role in the loss of radiance of the complexion. Opt for a cleansing make-up remover to be rinsed off, such as Mousse Bioxygène. You can also alternate once or twice a week with Microbiotic Purifying Foam. Once a week, exfoliate for a deeper detox, with Biologic Gentle Fruit Acid Scrub or Perfect Radiance Scrub with double micro-grains, which frees pores from impurities and dead cells and allows the skin to breathe.

Choosing Targeted Skin Care Products

While moisturising is essential for healthy, glowing and plump skin, it is important to choose a skincare routine with targeted actives. We stimulate cell oxygenation with the Pro-Oxygen complex from the Bioxygen line for better cell activity and easier exchanges. Thanks to Detoxiline, an active ingredient in the Bioxygen Serum, we gradually release the toxins that have settled in the skin. To be combined with the Purisoft of the Bioxygen Cream, which is the key ingredient in the protection against polluting agents. And to perfect the protection, we adopt the Bioxygen Mist every morning. It is the active shield of our skin by promoting its defences!

A new skin in a Beauty Salon

Even with an adapted routine and carefully chosen Skin Care Products, it is recommended to offer your skin a Deep Care treatment on a regular basis, in the expert hands of your Guinot beautician. The Detoxifying Care is the one you need! The exfoliation step eliminates dead cells and toxins and reoxygenates the skin. Then the detoxifying mask traps impurities and pollution particles deep down like a magnet. Finally, the modelling reactivates the microcirculation, encourages exchanges and allows the skin to breathe. One hour to regain energy and radiance. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is radiant and the complexion is luminous!