The skin is protected even under the mask!

For more than a year, we have all been going out wearing masks and sometimes we wear this accessory for 8 hours at a time. Underneath, the skin has also had to adapt to this new life. How can we protect it?

Although wearing a mask is an essential barrier measure, it does cause some skin discomfort. The skin's sensitivity increases, which can lead to irritation or dryness due to repeated rubbing of the epidermis. Another inconvenience is the dilation of the pores and the appearance of small imperfections. Indeed, the occlusion created by the mask, added to perspiration, heat and pollution, leads to a predisposition of the so-called tulip zone (chin, cheeks, nose). Finally, make-up creates an extra layer which, combined with the mask, blocks the breathing of the epidermis. We can't (yet) do without a mask and we don't always want to skip our perfect complexion, so how can we protect our skin and limit the damage?

Lighten your routine

There's no need to overload the skin. Of course, we keep our serum and our day cream but we choose Care Products with more fluid textures, with quick penetration and just as effective, like Hydrazone Fluid Cream. We reduce the frequency of our mechanical exfoliation, which we do once a week to avoid sensitising the skin, and we prefer a less irritating enzymatic version with Gommage Biologic. Finally, apply your foundation in very thin layers, and with the arrival of sunny days, apply it in small touches where necessary by stretching the material well. Another alternative to even out your complexion: use your favourite complexion-revealing BB cream, Hydra Finish Cream!

Targeting your needs

They can be very different depending on the area. The T-zone needs active ingredients to regulate sebum and matifying agents. We will also try to refine the skin texture. The cheeks, on the other hand, are more in contact with the mask and therefore more sensitive, and will suffer from irritation and dryness. Don't hesitate to play the multimasking game, which consists of applying different treatment masks to different areas in order to create a tailor-made treatment. For example, the Hydra Sensitive Mask on the oval of the face and the Pure Balance Mask on the nose and the crease of the chin.

Another essential gesture during the day: spray your face whenever you need to with Bioxygen Mist, a real protective shield against the external environment.

Keep up the good work

Hygiene is essential. Just because you're masked doesn't mean you're any less exposed to pollution! So, we maintain a meticulous make-up removal in the evening to remove traces of make-up and pollution and to let the skin breathe. To do this, we opt for double cleansing with Hydra Sensitive Milk followed by Bioxygen Foam. In the morning, choose the Hydra Fresh Lotion to wake up the skin and rebalance the hydrolipidic film which has been severely tested. In case of small imperfections, alternate with Microbiotic Cleansing Foam and Microbiotic Lotion for their regulating and mattifying action.

A new skin

When pores dilate and the complexion becomes grey, it is time to call on your beautician. The professional treatments, the perfectly adapted and measured gestures, following a very specific protocol, of your "Beauty Doctor" ensure a lasting effectiveness. The Hydraclean Care, deep cleansing, is ideal for a new skin, restoring the balance of the hydrolipidic film and a radiant complexion. Another option, the famous Detoxygen Care, a real skin reset for a skin rid of toxins and pollution, more oxygenated, which breathes again.