How to treat shine?

When sebum is too present, the skin shines. To remedy this, it is necessary to matify and regulate its production. A little action plan to follow closely...

Oily skin is a type of skin," explains our expert Claudine Coquet, Director of Guinot Training. It is triggered at puberty but not only. It is linked to hyper seborrhoea, an excessive production of sebum". It causes shine on the T-zone but also sometimes on the rest of the face. Annoying on a daily basis for some, this shine is above all the sign of an imbalance. In addition, there are dilated pores or small blackheads and a lack of radiance. The skin must therefore be treated both on the surface and in depth, but gently. If you use a product that is too astringent, there will be a rebound effect and the epidermis will react by reactivating production even more strongly. Our beauty expert gives you her ideal routine for a velvety, rebalanced and gentle skin.

Gentle make-up removal

Make-up removal and cleansing of the skin should be very gentle. Use Microbiotic Cleansing Foam which regulates the sebaceous glands thanks to its cocktail of exclusive Sebocidine active ingredients. Alternate with Bioxygen Foam and its anti-pollution complex. Always apply them with very gentle circular movements, without rubbing. Then rinse with the least hard water possible. Indeed, water that is too hard will modify the pH and the hydrolipic film, which will have to fight to rebalance itself. The ideal is to use filtered water.

Exfoliate to rebalance

Exfoliating mixed to oily skin allows it to be purified, rebalanced and mattified. But be careful, here again the gesture must be very gentle. We tend to want to rub because the skin is often a little thicker when it is oily but no! And not more than once a week. On the T-zone, which is often more affected by overproduction of sebum, apply the Pure Balance Mask with micronised pumice stone once a week. It tightens the pores, refines the skin texture and absorbs excess sebum.

Treat to matify

Morning and evening, Pur Equilibre Cream regulates hyper seborrhea thanks to an exclusive Guinot complex. In the morning, you can alternate with Hydrazone Fluid, whose mattifying powders and Zinc ensure a matte and powdery finish all day long. This makes the make-up last longer. Then add Acnilogic Serum, which prevents shine, tightens pores and soothes thanks to its star ingredient: Acnicidin. 

Cleanse your skin at the Beauty Salon

There are some gestures that cannot be done alone and that Guinot beauticians master to perfection. Let yourself be pampered with the Balancing Purity Anti-Imperfection Care, which in 40 minutes tightens and purifies the pores thanks to its double thermal and enzymatic exfoliation. Combined with the Purity Mask, which deeply purifies and absorbs excess sebum, it leaves the skin clean. Finally, the application of Acnilogic Cream Serum rebalances the skin for a long time, especially if you continue the daily applications at home afterwards.