How to combat sagging skin?

Loss of firmness and tone? With time, the skin seems less dynamic and our face less young. Follow the advice of our expert Claudine Coquet, Director of Guinot Training, to regain firmer skin.

Over time, the skin cells become less productive, they get tired.  The tissues lose their elasticity and tone, they become slack. The oval of the face seems less clear, fine lines appear, the face loses tone and becomes hollow. The signs of fatigue set in. The face needs help! To remedy this, Skin Care Products are essential; in fact, their targeted active ingredients will revive the production of support fibres, create a mesh to restructure and lift to revitalise the skin. But the treatment in the cabin, which allows for muscle stimulation, is also essential. Indeed, like our body, the muscles of our face must be maintained, so we stimulate them, stretch them at home and let the Guinot Esthetician do it regularly in the Institute. None of this lasts if the cells do not get back to work, so it is important to reactivate the microcirculation regularly to wake up the skin mechanisms. So many small gestures that allow the skin to turn back the clock!

Choose the right active ingredients

For a redensifying effect at home, opt for the Firming Care Products range, including the Summum Lift Cream, which meshes the elastic fibres to support them and, as an added bonus, promotes the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid.  For a boost in effectiveness, don't forget to apply the Lift Summum Serum before the Cream in the morning and evening; and once a week the Lift Summum Mask and its immediate action on the skin. And to complete the routine, the importance of the application gesture is essential. It starts as soon as you remove your make-up! Choose a texture that can be massaged in, such as Clean Logic Cleansing Cream, and apply in circular upward movements. Then apply your Serum with upward movements and a few pinches to activate the skin's microcirculation.  Finally, increase the pressure to massage in your Cream. Knead with the folded phalanges. The skin may be a little pink, a sign of warming up and reactivated circulation!

Treat yourself to a treatment at a beauty salon

To revive cellular activity in depth, there is nothing like the expert hands of your Guinot beautician and the brand's targeted protocols.

For an expert treatment that acts on all the causes of slackening and ageing (wrinkles, radiance, firmness), opt for the Age Summum treatment. Its Dermabrasion Scrub smoothes the skin's texture, its specific Anti-Aging Modeling with 15 Guinot movements firms and its Radiance Mask illuminates. In short, 50 minutes for a rejuvenating treatment!

For younger skins that want to improve firmness and signs of fatigue, the Summum Lift Care gives an immediate boost to the skin with a bonus action on the neck and décolleté. It is one of the most coveted treatments by Guinot customers, journalists and influencers!

Finally, with a device, the Hydradermie Lift treatment is ideal for slack skin lacking firmness as it restores volume to the facial muscles through stimulation. The face sheathing in 60 minutes is amazing!

For long-lasting results, treat yourself to a treatment at the Guinot Institute which will effectively boost cellular activity. One or two treatments per week, for three weeks for example.