How can I help my skin fight the cold?

When the temperature drops, our skin is badly treated and reacts more or less intensely. To avoid this, it is possible to give it all the advantages to protect itself from the winter cold.

Reinforcing the natural barriers

When the temperature drops, our skin is badly treated and reacts more or less intensely. To avoid this, it is possible to give it all the assets to protect itself from the winter cold.

The skin of our face is overexposed to outside temperatures. The hydrolipidic film can become unbalanced, leading to discomfort, tightness, redness or extreme dryness. Why can this happen? The hydrolipidic film is a skin barrier that acts like a shield and acts as a barrier against external aggressions. It also prevents dehydration by retaining water in our cells. Unfortunately, when the winter weather arrives, the skin is badly treated. The wind, the cold, and excessive temperature variations between the inside and outside alter this fragile balance. To prevent this phenomenon or to repair the damage, a few good gestures are sometimes enough.

Avoiding discomfort

With the cold, the skin is not really that supple and becomes uncomfortable. The cold attacks the skin barrier, which then takes a little longer to repair itself. You need to give it a little boost. Start by changing your routine. Opt for an ultra-nourishing serum like Cellular Nutrient Serum, or richer creams with a cocooning texture like Nutri Comfort Cream, which fills in the lipid gaps in the epidermis. When it comes to makeup removal, opt for gentleness because you don't want to strip the skin, but rather pamper it. Prefer a milk like Hydra Beauty Milk which avoids rinsing with water whose limestone could weaken the skin.

Extinguish redness

If your skin is already sensitive, the cold accentuates the phenomenon and redness appears. One word of order: softness! First step: make-up removal. No abrasive gestures, avoid cotton pads and work on the textures with your fingers. Prefer a milk like Hydra Sensitive Milk which cleanses without aggressing and whose active ingredients soothe the epidermis, protect it and reduce feelings of irritation. The same applies to specific creams for sensitive skin to gently soothe the skin. You can apply an anti-redness serum, such as Hydra Sensitive Serum, under your day cream, or a nourishing serum, depending on your needs. Finally, boost your routine with a soothing mask such as Hydra Sensitive Mask twice a week in cold weather.

Stop the tightness

When you feel it, it's a sign that the hydrolipidic film has been altered. You must therefore do everything possible to rebuild it as quickly as possible. In addition, when wearing a face mask, the skin is subject to constant rubbing and does not repair itself as well. To re-establish the balance and restore the skin barrier, the epidermis must be nourished and protected. The first thing to do is to banish mechanical scrubs that are too abrasive. Instead, use an enzymatic scrub like Biologic Scrub once a week, combined with a nourishing mask. Your ritual must remain comfortable: gentle makeup removal, a nourishing serum and a soft cream like Nutrizone Cream. And to repair in depth, the Beauty Institute Hydradermie Jeunesse treatment is ideal. The beautician will target your needs, here nutrition, to offer the skin everything it needs to repair itself, to be protected and to better face external aggressions.