5 smart beauty moves to make after sport

All sportsmen and women will tell you that. Despite all its benefits, sport can leave some marks on your face and body.

Redness, overheating, tension or tightness... the skin is put to the test. But don't panic! Here are some explanations and beauty tips to help you regain a fresh complexion and a serene body after sport.

Skin and dehydration

Intense physical effort inevitably leads to the production of heat, which sometimes results in significant sweating. In order to regulate our temperature at 37°C, our body compensates by sweating, which results in dehydration of the skin. In addition, the heat produces vasodilation of the superficial vessels, which explains the redness that can appear on our cheeks.

If we practice sports outdoors, the air, pollution and sun further accentuate this dehydration.

The result: the heat produced by the sun's infrared rays combined with the heat produced by physical effort leads to deep dehydration, a loss of water and mineral salts which the skin particularly needs. Hence the feeling of tightness, or even burning, that sets in.

To remedy this, Guinot advises you in a few key steps.

Compensate for dehydration

Even after exercise, the skin can continue to sweat.

The consequence: an excess of shine that is not really elegant. With Hydra Beauty Mist, you can solve this problem quickly and thoroughly. Thanks to the Hydrocyte complex it contains, this light and ultra-fresh mist leaves the skin supple and soft in a few minutes. Ideal for repairing damaged skin after exercise!

Moisturise your skin

A sports session is often an opportunity to exceed one's own limits. Muscular effort leads to a surge of energy which in turn heats up the body. Hence the sweating which leads to dehydration! Thanks to its light texture and its Hydroplasme® formulation, Cellular Hydration Serum deeply rehydrates the thirstiest skin and fixes water in the heart of the cells. An essential product that also helps to reinforce our hydrolipidic film.

Illuminate your complexion

Thanks to its encapsulated pigments, Hydra Finish Cream reveals a radiant, even complexion. What's more, the mallow extract it contains provides a long-lasting moisturising sensation and offers immediate relief to skin that has been damaged by intense physical activity.

The good news is that this product is suitable for all skin tones and offers UV protection as a bonus!

Relieve your legs

The Light Legs Gel is THE solution for immediate comfort upon application. Thanks to its long-lasting "ice cube effect", it relieves sensitive legs and dissipates feelings of heaviness. For all those whose legs and ankles tend to swell, become numb, or who naturally have circulation problems: this gel with Menthol and Arnica will become your favourite product after your sports session on your congested skin!

Pamper your body

Aches and pains and physical fatigue naturally accompany a good sports session. As you can see, our body needs to be comforted after exercise. For immediate relief, let yourself be seduced by the passion flower extract in Mirific Shower Gel. In addition to gently cleansing the skin, it nourishes and respects the skin barrier. We finish with Hydrazone Body Milk enriched with argan oil, which moisturises the skin and provides a velvety finish. A winning duo for soft, long-lasting comforted skin.

Go for the elegance of a light make-up

There's no need to overdo your make-up after sport! A good moisturiser and perfect protection will be enough to calm redness and tightness without suffocating your skin. You might as well opt for radiance and light to highlight your face and divert attention from the little inconveniences linked to sport! At Masters Colors, the range of Make-up Products sold exclusively in Guinot Institutes, the All Seasons Blush, applied with the gentle Kabuki Brush, structures the lines of the face and illuminates the complexion. It is completed with a touch of Infinite Mascara and a hint of Diam'Gloss for a natural and luminous result. Magical!