What is the Guinot Long-Lasting Hair Removal method ?

Do you want clean, long-lasting hair removal? Don't worry with Guinot and its revolutionary method, exclusive to Beauty Salons and practiced by our Estheticians! This is a resin-based technique that coats the hair at its base to remove the root, the bulb, guaranteeing truly effective, long-lasting results. In fact, hair "breakage" is avoided - as is often the case with electric epilators or conventional waxes - and consequently regrowth is immediate, with the appearance of ingrown hairs within days.

Last but not least, the Long-Lasting Epilation technique prevents heat during application, thanks to its low-melting point resins, as well as pain and redness on removal.

Patented high-performance resins 

At our French plant in Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine et Marne), our Laboratory has developed two patented, pharmaceutical-standard, rosin-free resins for its Long-Lasting Hair Removal method:

- Epil Smart Green: performed with strips, ideal for large areas. 

- Stick Hair Green: a strip-based service using nylon-fiber resin, recommended for more sensitive areas with "tougher" hair.

These high-performance resins leave no residue or stickiness on the skin. They require a lower temperature than traditional waxes, for comfortable hair removal.

Dépil Logic Anti-Repulsion Care products 

To make the effects of hair removal last longer, Guinot offers a range of expert Care Products, to be applied at home following your in-booth hair removal, to slow hair growth and then refine and lighten the new hair that appears.

As the hair has been correctly removed at its root during depilation - and not broken off at the skin's surface, as with other methods on the market - the penetration into the skin of the anti-growth active ingredients in Care Products is perfectly optimized!

Composed of Bulbaine, a plant-derived complex of 3 plants, they effectively delay hair regrowth: the keratin responsible for hair growth is broken down, and the enzyme involved in hair development is inhibited. 

Month after month, depilation after depilation, you'll keep your skin looking clearer and smoother for longer, even spacing out the time between your Institute sessions over the long term. 

90% of women have found their skin smooth and clear with the use of Dépil Logic Serum *.

*After 2 applications per day for 3 days. Panel of 10 subjects.

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