Stubborn cellulite: the Beauty Institute solution

Cellulite is a natural phenomenon of the skin, corresponding to the "orange peel" appearance caused by the visibility of adipocytes (fat cells) overloaded with fat and water under the skin. Society has turned it into a major female complex and therefore an enemy to be vanquished. Methods for concealing it are developing at breakneck speed, and numerous products such as gels, creams and oils are emerging alongside invasive cosmetic surgery techniques.

Guinot has been a skin and slimming professional for 50 years, offering expert, specific slimming treatments in our cabins, which use manual techniques and the revolutionary "double palpate-roll" action of the TechniSpa treatment device to reduce fat and improve skin quality. Women can slim down quickly, effectively and sustainably, right where they want to.

There are two types of cellulite: visible adipose cellulite (when the skin is pinched) and watery cellulite (which is visible all the time), generally located on the thighs, saddlebags, buttocks, arms or stomach. 

Personalized coaching

As is the protocol at Instituts Guinot, our expert beauty therapists will guide you towards treatments and products adapted to your skin type during a slimming consultation. Once your slimming objectives have been set, you'll be guided towards the most personalized treatment program possible, to be carried out in the beauty salon with a routine of our products to be used at home to prolong the effects of your treatment and achieve significant, lasting results.

High-performance techniques

Our beauty appliances and skincare products are manufactured in our French laboratory in compliance with certified pharmaceutical standards and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Our treatment protocols, meanwhile, are drawn up by our researchers and trainers, with a focus on researching the best gestures, both manual and with appliances, to guarantee rapid and lasting visible results.

What's more, our products undergo extensive testing to ensure quality and results that live up to your expectations, while guaranteeing safety for your skin.

TechniSPA, a revolutionary slimming device

As with our facial treatments, our body treatments are also carried out with the help of high-performance machines, guaranteeing visible, long-lasting results. Our TechniSPA Thermo Minceur Anti Cellulite treatment will visibly reduce cellulite by destocking fat and smoothing dimpled skin. Like the rest of our slimming treatments, such as the Slim Logic manual treatment, it can be used as a cure, or as a 45-minute targeted treatment for critical areas.

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