Perfect hair removal for a long time

When the sun comes out, you want a body with smooth skin, free of unsightly hair for a long time. Here is the solution!

When the sun comes out, you want a body with smooth skin, free of unsightly hair for a long time. Here is the solution!

With the arrival of the holidays, afternoons on the beach, swimming pool and coffees on the terrace, you want to be impeccable and have a smooth skin all summer long! Bikini line, underarms, legs: you want all the hair to disappear as long as possible. Epilation is the right method for you: by pulling out the hair, you ensure a slower and gentler regrowth. And by preferring hair removal in a beauty salon carried out by experts, you can count on precise, effective gestures that reduce pain. But first, prepare your skin well. Exfoliate the day before waxing and, above all, moisturise your skin regularly, except on the big day. Finally, avoid exposing yourself to the sun the day before and the day of.

Leave it to the expert hands

The Guinot beauticians ensure that your hair is removed according to the rules of the art. Everything starts with an assessment of the skin by a Beauty Consultation: dryness, direction of hair growth, sensitivity, habits... in order to adapt the method. Then, their precise gestures allow them to remove the hair while minimising the pain. In fact, they hold the skin by exerting a slight tension while they pull out the wax with a sharp and sure stroke.  Finally, they are experienced in the technique and are infinitely gentle, especially after the strip is removed. Thus, the gestures are adapted, soothing for a reduced discomfort.

Targeted treatments

Our Guinot Institutes offer two methods of Long-Lasting Hair Removal treatment to meet all requirements.

For the most sensitive skin or delicate areas, Stick'Hair®Green resin ensures hair removal without strips and without heat. This exclusive and patented high-performance resin, with nylon fibres, makes it possible to remove the hair while avoiding redness and heat sensations, which are uncomfortable for certain skins.

Another option for larger areas: hair removal with Epil Smart Green resin with strips and without rosin (known to be allergenic), with cleansing Essential Oils and slightly heated to track down the smallest hair. All this is done in a very thin layer, avoiding the slightest heat, without any residue or sticky effect.

Hair removal that lasts

At the end of each depilation, your Guinot Esthetician offers you the application of Dépil Logic Serum, a concentrated treatment that allows you to space out your next depilation: thanks to Bulbaïne®, a complex of plant origin composed of three plants, patented by Guinot and contained in its formula, the hairs are refined, lightened and their re-growth is slowed down over the long term. Smart, it destructures the keratin at the origin of hair growth and inhibits the enzyme responsible for its growth. As a bonus, this formula also helps prevent ingrown hairs that can appear when hair grows back.

Then prolong the effects at home, by applying daily Depil Logic Care Products: body lotion, face cream and even underarm deodorant. Your needs will be targeted as closely as possible!

If you are still hesitating, visit one of our Beauty Salons!