Why the Beauty Institute?

Appearance is a primary concern for women of all ages. That's why beauty salons have been on a roll for many years now.

Thanks to new technologies, the development of equipment and the integration of new treatment methods, women are increasingly turning to these expert centers for answers to all their beauty concerns.

We are often urged by a friend or relative to visit a beauty institute for the first time, and we understand their recommendations: when we walk through its doors, we enter a real place of care, expertise and encounters with beauty professionals: the Estheticians.

Estheticians, "Doctors of Beauty

Unlike the advice you regularly receive in perfumeries and drugstores, Guinot Estheticians are trained and experienced beauty experts. 

They are the only ones who know your make-up-free skin. After carefully observing your skin during a Beauty Consultation and according to your expectations, they will know exactly which Cabin Treatments and Home Care Products to recommend to achieve your beauty goals. 

Beauty objectives are set according to your skin's needs for the face: Anti-aging, Nutrition, Radiance, Purity... 

Your Esthetician also offers a wide range of expert body treatments (slimming, firming, relaxation) as well as the Long-Lasting Hair Removal method.  

It's a real experience, from the moment you enter to the moment you leave the salon, thanks to unique technical skills and experience, as well as professional treatments with exclusive methods. 

Guinot: visible results from the very first treatment

Facial and body treatments at the Institut de Beauté Guinot can be performed manually or with equipment, depending on your skin type and beauty goals. All Guinot skincare appliances are patented and specifically designed to meet all your skin's needs. 

For 50 years, Guinot has been guaranteeing you professional, effective methodologies, and you'll see immediately visible results from the end of your first treatment. Your skin will be radiant with beauty and youth! 

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