What is the Guinot Beauty Prescription?

Each visit to a Guinot Beauty Salon is a unique and exclusive experience. Your beautician takes the time to get to know you and your skin during a Beauty Consultation. While examining your cleansed skin, she works with you to establish an in-depth diagnosis and determine your beauty objectives. Then, like a "doctor", she prescribes the most suitable in-cabin treatment - or skin care cure - and skin care products to apply at home. The aim is to achieve your beauty goals quickly and effectively!

A professional response to your Beauty Goals

Thanks to a wide range of Facial and Body Treatments at the Institute, whether manual or with an appliance, and backed by her expertise and in-depth training, your Guinot Esthetician will recommend the professional protocols best suited to your skin to sublimate it, obtain immediate visible results and achieve your set beauty objectives: youthfulness, firmness, purity, radiance, nutrition, soothing...At Guinot, every treatment is customized to your skin's specific needs, because we believe in the importance of a tailor-made approach to revealing your natural beauty and youthfulness.With our comprehensive approach, you can be sure that your skin will benefit from attentive, expert care, giving you radiant, long-lasting beauty.

Unique and effective skincare products

Discover our Beauty Prescription service at the Guinot Institute and let our experts guide you towards a personalized and effective skincare routine! No more trial and error, no more waste, no more buying products that we pile up for months on our bathroom shelves... Get Care Products that are 100% adapted to your skin's needs, also taking into account your preferences such as the choice of textures, for a radiant complexion and long-lasting beauty.What's more, Guinot Beauty Prescription goes beyond simply recommending products. Our Estheticians are there to offer personalized advice and demonstrations on how to apply products correctly at home, so you can maintain results right up to your next appointment.When should I apply my cream? How do I apply my eye contour cream? How many times a week should I use my scrub? How long should I leave my mask on? A poorly applied or infrequently used product is often ineffective.Put your trust in your Beauty Therapist, and the effects of your salon treatment will be optimized and long-lasting!

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