The Serum, The Essential Beauty Routine ?

Perfusion at the heart of your cells

A real ally and boost for the skin, the serum is the care to adopt without hesitation and to slip under your cream to take advantage of the benefits of its ultra-concentrated formula.

Sometimes, the skin shows signs of weakness, it sends us a message about its needs and shortcomings. Changes in seasons and temperatures, pollution that suffocates it, fatigue or the signs of time are felt a little more. It needs to be boosted and pampered with a concentrated treatment that fills in the gaps. The serum is an integral part of our beauty routine: it is the expert, the quintessence, the infusion of active ingredients that our skin needs. More concentrated and therefore more active than a cream, it is also more targeted. It responds to a particular problem, a need of our skin at a precise moment. This is why it must be perfectly adapted to our skin. Almost imperceptible, it melts into the epidermis to infuse it with its anti-ageing, moisturising, nourishing, oxygenating, anti-imperfection or anti-spot benefits.

How to use the serum ?

Apply to clean, dry skin. You may have applied a toner beforehand, but the serum can be the first step in your routine. It is generally used at night and/or in the morning depending on the skin's needs, except for those that are specifically formulated to regenerate the skin during the night. Finally, you can apply it as a cure or all year round. The only rule to follow is to adapt the serum to your skin's needs. These can vary according to the season: in winter a more nourishing serum and in spring a more lifting one.

How to choose the right serum?

Serums usually have very fluid, almost invisible textures, which allows them to penetrate very quickly and diffuse their ultra-concentrated active ingredients. They boost and fill a gap. To choose one, listen to your skin and don't hesitate to ask your beautician for advice. The choice is wide and allows for targeted action if necessary: dry skin will opt for a nourishing serum like Nutri Cellulaire, ideal in cold weather. If you need firmness, opt for Lift Summum Serum. Looking for hydration? Hydra Cellular Serum will be your daily ally. If you live in the city and feel your skin is suffocated and your complexion dull, Bioxygen Serum is for you!

Which skin care products should I apply it under?

Slip it under your usual day cream. This can be from the same range, for a synergy of active ingredients and thus boost the effectiveness of the cream, but the serum can also be complementary. If you use it as a treatment for a specific need such as sensitivity or hydration, you can combine it with any Guinot beauty cream. In addition, the cream applied on top protects the serum and thus boosts the good diffusion of the active ingredients by acting as a shield.

What is the best way to apply my serum?

Our expert, Claudine Coquet, Guinot Training Manager, gives you her tips.

"The serum cannot be massaged in, it is not meant to be worked on. It is an infusion for the skin. Put one or two drops in the palm of your hand. Then, with two fingers, take the material and deposit a touch on the forehead, the cheeks and the chin. With what is left in the palm of your hand, smooth the tissue from the inside to the outside, from the bottom to the top. For the oval, one hand, then the other, sweeps upwards from the chin to the forehead. To finish, you can gently tap the skin to activate the microcirculation.