The best hands

With constant movement and always at the forefront of our daily lives, our hands deserve to be pampered. Follow our guide...

They are our way of creating, working, touching and communicating. Our hands are also the detail that makes everything! They are the support of our precious jewels, of our perfect and original manicures. With thirty or so bones, forty muscles and numerous joints, our hands are overworked every day. Their skin is also the most exposed to cold, wind and household products. If we add the use of hydroalcoholic gels, which has become a reflex since the pandemic period, and repeated washing, they are put to a severe test. Fine lines, spots and discomfort appear over time. Dry, sensitised, abused, they betray our age!

Often forgotten in our routine, it is time to pamper them.

Prepare the ground

Like the face, they need to be revitalised from time to time in order to eliminate dead skin and prepare the skin for care. If you don't have any specific products, turn away from your facials. Their formulas are gentle and can be perfectly suited to this area. Apply the Biologic Scrub in very gentle circular movements. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Make sure you do this so that you do not damage the skin by rubbing. 

Next, apply a mask to the top of the hands, not forgetting the area around the nails. Choose a nourishing mask such as the Nutri Comfort Essential Mask, as the skin needs it in cold weather. Leave on and rinse with warm water. Use once or twice a month.

Deeply nourish

An essential gesture that should almost become a ritual, the application of a hand cream protects, nourishes and repairs. The Long Life Hand Cream, specially adapted to this area, contains active ingredients such as Liposkin, which nourishes in depth, Vitamin E, which protects the epidermis from external aggressions, and an exclusive complex, Cellular Nutrient Medium, which repairs. As a bonus, Melanoxyl fights against brown spots that betray the passing of time.

Once the right formula has been chosen, application must be regular and daily. The ideal? Twice a day, especially when the hands suffer. It's a habit to get into. The skin then becomes more supple, stronger and ageing is slowed down. Take the opportunity to massage your palms, fingers and especially your nails to stimulate their growth! Even a quick massage will bring immediate relaxation.

A must try!