How to choose the right mask?

An essential part of our beauty routine, the mask is often the forgotten part of the ritual. Our expert advises you on how to choose and use it.

With stress, pollution, sun, make-up, our skin can become drier, oilier, more sensitive. Whether occasional or permanent, these little inconveniences must be taken into account. To regain comfortable and healthy skin, our daily routine is of course essential, and the mask is part of it. "We know that a mask is the perfect ally for our skin, its action is fast, effective and instantaneous" explains our Expert Claudine Coquet, Director of Guinot Training. And unlike scrubs, which require a step after use to rehydrate the skin, the mask can be used alone. How to choose and use it? We tell you everything! 

A shot of active ingredients

Masks are highly concentrated and offer the skin what it needs in an instant: a real bath of active ingredients! There are now formulas for every need. Choose the one that suits you best. According to your skin type, but also according to your lifestyle or the season. In winter, choose comforting, nourishing masks such as the Nutri Comfort Essential Mask based on natural oils. In spring, prefer lighter, more moisturising formulas such as the Hydra Beauty Mask with a moisturising complex and Fig extract. Mixed to oily skin will choose the Pur Équilibre Mask with absorbing and exfoliating powders.


You can use it as a beauty ally two or three times a week without worrying - the only downside is that purifying masks should be applied once a week.

You can apply a thick layer of mask overnight, or just for a few minutes. As for texture, cream or fabric, it's up to you! Impregnated masks such as the Radiance Lifting Mask or the Newhite Mask are practical because they do not require rinsing or application. For creamy formulas, consider multimasking. This technique of applying masks according to zones is tailor-made. On the T-zone a purifying mask and on the rest of the face a moisturising formula for example. Another possibility, if you use it often, is to apply a moisturising mask to the face, except for the middle area. 

The right time

Quick and with an immediate result, the mask lends itself to all occasions and at all times. For a little boost of energy before going out, the Energizing Anti-Fatigue Mask brings instant radiance. In the evening after a long day, a nourishing mask will comfort the skin and the spirit thanks to its cocooning texture. And let's not forget the eye masks that decongest, lift and soothe the eyes after a day in front of the screens or before going out, such as the Age Logic Eye Mask in fabric or the Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask with its refreshing gel texture.