23 March 2021

How to choose my anti-ageing care?

Anti-ageing: finding the right ritual for your Beauty Goal

When the skin begins to tire and the signs of time appear, it is necessary to adapt one's routine and rely on anti-ageing skin care products. Concentrated in targeted active ingredients, they are an essential asset in the fight against skin ageing.

While moisturising is a key step in skin care, from the age of 30 onwards, it is no longer enough. Indeed, the mechanisms slow down, the cells renew themselves less quickly, the tone decreases and the epidermis dehydrates more quickly. It is then necessary to favour stronger, more targeted skin care products with active ingredients that treat the problems and slow down the effects of time on the skin. We adopt a more muscular beauty routine as a cure or over the long term with a serum adapted to the needs of the epidermis. The aim is to observe a persistence in the use of your care products and not to give up! Another essential point is to couple them with cabin treatments in a Beauty Institute where professional gestures boost the effect of the active ingredients used. "The results are optimised by the cabin treatments and the use of care products at home. This increases the results tenfold," explains Claudine Coquet, head of Guinot Training. "The right timing: one targeted cabin treatment per week, for three weeks, in the form of a cure combined with a complementary home care routine adapted to your skin's needs," she insists. To choose the right protocol, follow the guide.

I have spots

The problem: with exposure to the sun, genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, pollution and skin inflammation, the pigment mechanism of the cells goes into overdrive. The melanocytes go haywire and produce melanin which appears on the skin in an anarchic way: this is the pigmentary spot. The complexion then loses its homogeneity.

The solution: To remedy this, we rely on specific care products such as Newhite Cream with SPF30 and active ingredients such as Vitamin C and Melanoxyl, which slow down the production of melanin, lighten existing spots and above all protect against UV rays in order to prevent their appearance.

And in the Institute: to combine the effects of topical treatments at home, the Hydra Peeling treatment is a real skin renovator.

I lack firmness

The problem: with hormonal upheaval and the menopause, the cells get tired, reproduce less quickly and less well. The skin loses its plumpness, is less elastic and less toned. The fibroblasts, responsible for the tone and architecture of the tissues, break down and lose their ability to synthesise.

The solution: choose care products such as Lift Summum Cream with Pro-collagen to boost the production of elastic fibres and reactivate the intra-cellular connection. The formula also contains Lift Proteins for an immediate tightening action. Not forgetting Aloe Vera for good hydration.

And in the Institute: to increase the effects of the Care Products tenfold and put tired cells back to work, the Summum Lift Care is ideal.

I have wrinkles

The problem: wrinkles originate deep in the dermis. Thanks to the skin's elasticity, they fade away, but as the skin ages, cell renewal slows down and the epidermis is no longer as effective, even at the age of 40. Repeated contractions and skin slackening cause wrinkles to appear.

The solution: a protocol of regenerating care products such as Long Life Cream or Long Life Serum, whose active ingredient, Cellular Life Environment, is a cocktail of 56 biological active ingredients that effectively boosts cellular life and revives its activity. Re-motivated, the cells will stimulate elastin and collagen, which are essential to the skin's structure.

And in a beauty salon: choose Age Logic Hydradermie Care for an in-depth revitalising action.