How do I maintain my Guinot hair removal system ?

Every woman dreams of having hair-free, clean, smooth skin. People think all hair removal methods are the same, but they're not. Beauty experts for over 50 years, Guinot have developed an exclusive, long-lasting method of hair removal in Beauty Salons. 

Using ergonomic spatulas and two high-performance resins that can be used without strips, this technique removes hair at its root for soft, clean skin, preventing hair breakage and the future appearance of ingrown hairs and unsightly pimples. 

Combined with the application of specific Skin Care Products at the end of the session, and in the days that follow at home, this method allows you to postpone your next session by at least a week or even ten days.

Dépil Logic: anti-hair regrowth care products for the home 

To guarantee even better long-term results, Laboratoires Guinot have developed the expert Dépil Logic anti-growth range to slow down the process of hair regrowth, to be applied at home between salon waxing sessions. They enable you to space out the time between waxing sessions, while refining and lightening new hairs. 

Skin stays soft and clear longer. Applying them daily at home between waxing appointments ensures optimal, long-lasting results. 

Dépil Logic Care Products with Bulbaine are the final step in our Long-Lasting Hair Removal method; this active ingredient attacks hair keratin during its formation and locally inhibits the enzyme involved in its growth, to prolong the benefits of the service received in the salon. 

Whether it's a concentrate, body lotion, face cream or deodorant, your "Docteur en Beauté" will advise you on the right ritual to optimize the effectiveness of your hair removal.

Tip: Don't hesitate to exfoliate your skin twice a week to make hair removal even easier and more effective. For the body, use Gommage Facile, your gentle exfoliating gel to be applied in the shower with upward circular movements; and for the face, use Gommage Biologic or Gommage Eclat Parfait.

To complement your Long-Lasting Hair Removal at the Beauty Salon

At the Institut de Beauté Guinot, our Estheticians offer you an exclusive, fast and long-lasting hair removal method. 

Stick'Hair Green and Epil Smart Green rosin-free resins guarantee comfortable hair removal without stickiness or residue left on the skin. With their low melting point, unlike conventional waxes, they reduce redness as well as heat and pain on removal - a method designed for even the most delicate skin. 

This manual waxing technique at the Institute, combined with the anti-growth home care products, offers long-lasting results on all your waxed areas: legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, face...

Don't wait any longer to discover Perfect Hair Removal, entrust your body to your Esthetician who will show you all the Guinot professional expertise, make an appointment at your nearest Beauty Salon.