4 beauty ideas to take care of yourself at home

"Special confinement"

In the climate of uncertainty and deprivation of our freedoms that we are experiencing, taking care of your body, your face and your skin seems to be the ideal solution to keep your spirits up. This new confinement in Paris and in fifteen other departments in France, is thus the occasion to take time for oneself and to set up a "special confinement" beauty routine. Here are our 4 beauty ideas to pamper yourself... at home!

Establishing an effective beauty routine

It's now or never to flesh out your daily "beauty ritual". Of course, we start with a deep cleansing with Micellar Cleansing Water, which removes make-up and cleanses the skin in a single step. To complete this essential step, there's nothing like the Hydra Fresh Lotion, which tones, refreshes and remineralizes the skin. And since we have time, we treat ourselves every week to the Biologic Scrub with gentle fruit acids, which gently eliminates dead cells and reveals the radiance of the complexion. In this complex period when our skin is badly damaged by wearing a mask, there is nothing like the Hydra Sensitive Serum. Thanks to the Lymphokinin it contains, it soothes feelings of irritation and protects the skin's natural defences. Finally, Nutri Comfort Cream is applied to improve the softness and suppleness of the skin. Five ultra-comforting steps, for a concentrate of softness without leaving home.

Relax your body by taking care of your feet

Often mistreated, our feet and legs are unfortunately the great forgotten of our beauty routines. And yet, it is in these areas that the body's weariness is first expressed. The reason: the weight that weighs down our circulation by slowing down the return of blood from the feet. And let's not forget that the dead cells that accumulate on the arch of the foot carry the bacteria that cause bad odours. To remedy all these problems, we adopt the right gestures to keep our feet soft, fresh and presentable all year round! Thanks to the Easy Scrub, we start by gently removing the roughness and unsightly appearance caused by dead skin. Then apply the Long Life Foot Cream, made with 56 Cellular ingredients that deeply replenish the skin cells. Our bonus: the ice-cube effect produced by the Light Legs Gel that relaxes the legs and ankles. A real moment of relaxation in perspective!

Change your... mask

Whether you prefer a cream or fabric texture, all masks act in depth and are essential complements to our beauty rituals. Always preceded by a scrub to increase the effects tenfold, each mask offers a response adapted to all beauty problems. Need to soothe your skin?  Opt for the softness of the Hydra Sensitive Mask. Want firmness and radiance? Choose the Radiance Lifting Mask to smooth your features. Thick skin and clogged pores? Choose the Pure Balance Mask which absorbs sebaceous secretions. Beyond the benefits it has on our skin, the mask is a real invitation to disconnect and relax, the ideal companions of our days in these complicated times...

Slim down your figure

No more restaurants, aperitifs or after work parties... this confinement is an unexpected opportunity to slim down your figure! The 7pm curfew is the perfect time to get back into the kitchen and take control of your plate with healthy and tasty dishes. If seasonal products will be your best allies in this beauty objective, Guinot gives you a little help with the Orange Skin Scrub, and the Slim Detox Cream and its double biological and mechanical action. The former, by eliminating dead skin cells, prepares the skin for treatment and facilitates the penetration of the slimming* active ingredients contained in the cream. There's no doubt about it: you'll look great this summer!

*The Cellulysium contained in the Slimming Detox Cream is made from red algae which limits the storage of fat and favours the elimination of fat cells by attacking the fibrous barrier that traps them. The wild ginger extract promotes the circulatory dynamics and the drainage of fluids to improve the comfort of the legs."