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Intensive nourishing cream - Dry Skin

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Although dry skin lacks water, it particularly lacks fat particles (lipids), leading to a loss in suppleness and softness.

The epidermis is poorly protected because the hydro-lipid film shield is insufficient, and water is consequently lost through surface evaporation.

At the heart of the epidermis, a lack of intercellular cement that is also based on lipids leads to a loss of suppleness and skin comfort.

Enriched in Omega Vitaminés (vitamin-enhanced omega oils), NUTRIZONE works like a source of essential nutrition for skin cells. It associates essential omega fatty acids with vitamins to restore a proper lipid balance to skin, promote cellular cohesion and re-create the protective hydro-lipid film. Your complexion glows and your face sparkles.


- Replenishing skin in precious nutritional elements

- Reconstituting the hydro-lipid film to maintain the proper balance of water inside the skin and promote surface softness

- Bringing out complexion glow


Zone ciblée:


Type de peau:

Dry skin



Use advice

Use all year long, morning and/or evening.

Key ingredients

Vitamin Enhanced Omega Oils (Omega 3, 6, 9)

nourish, soften and restructure

Vitamin E: anti-free radicals and antioxidant

Vitamin F: nourishes.

Shea Butter



Activate lipid production.

Mallow Extract


Expert advice

Feel free to call on your GUINOT beautician for facial care advice. After a personalized consultation, she will advise you on the best approach and apply targeted care that produces visible results.

Clean your skin with a makeup remover formulated for dry skins. Choose a soft, comfortable, lotion-style remover and avoid rinsing with water.

Complete cream action by applying a serum and masque for quick restoration of facial sparkle.

Eat a balanced diet that will supply your body and skin with essential fatty acids.

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