Beautiful skin in the sun

We've been dreaming about it for months! Finally, the sun is here. To enjoy it with peace of mind and get a golden tan for a long time, follow our beauty routine...

Summer is here! We want to take advantage of the sun that we have missed so much. It is so beneficial for our body: indeed, it favours the synthesis of Vitamin D, thus boosting immunity and reactivating our good mood. However, it is imperative to prepare the skin so that it can enjoy the sunshine without any inconvenience or danger. Indeed, prolonged, repeated and above all poorly protected exposure can cause damage to our skin. Attacked by UV rays, it defends itself. In case of excess, the natural defence mechanisms are too weak and the cells are affected: this can cause damage (premature ageing, pigment spots...). To enjoy a radiant and even tan, all you have to do is prepare for it even at the last minute, protect yourself effectively and comfort your skin. A routine to adopt to spend the summer with a beautiful golden tan in all serenity!


High-level preparation

It's never too late to do it right. A few days before exposure to the sun, exfoliate yourself from head to toe. In the shower, the Easy Scrub with Loofa Fibres gently and mechanically removes roughness and dead skin cells from the body. You can also opt for the Orange Skin Scrub for an additional slimming action thanks to its formula boosted with Caffeine which destroys fat. Use two or three times the week before your departure and then once a week. Apply it with circular massages, insisting slightly on the knees, elbows and feet where the skin is rougher. Be careful to keep your movements gentle so as not to excite the epidermis, which will react by thickening.

Close protection

It is essential to protect your skin regularly and effectively, even in the shade. You must therefore choose your sun protection carefully, as it must be adapted to your needs, the level of sunshine, the place of exposure, but also to your desires so that you enjoy applying it. Start the first exposures with a high protection factor SPF 50+. It will not prevent you from tanning, on the contrary, it will limit the aggression of UV rays on your skin and allow it to tan at its own pace for a more even tan. Then, switch several days later to a SPF 30 protection, to be reapplied regularly (every two hours and after each swim) and in sufficient quantity.

Then, choose a pleasing galenic: Age Sun Anti-Ageing Dry Oil SPF 50 or Sun Perfect Two-Phase Water Spray SPF 15, or a cream or a milk, you are bound to find what you are looking for in the wide range of Guinot Sun Logic Care Products. Finally, for the face, why not try the tinted version with Uni Bronze Anti-Ageing Sun Cream SPF 20 to cheat a little at the beginning of exposure? The main thing is to be disciplined!

Immediate relief

After a day in the sun, the skin needs to be pampered and soothed. Thanks to a complete cocktail of soothing Algae, anti-oxidant Vitamin E, a super moisturizing complex and a combination of active ingredients that protect the skin from external aggressions, Longue Vie Soleil After Sun Milk boosts, repairs and regenerates the skin. When you wake up, your skin is ready to face the day's aggressions. Apply it generously to the body every evening, massaging gently. On the face, use the Long Life Sun Cream every morning under your sun protection and in the evening before going to sleep. And for intense soothing, leave on the Long Life Sun Repair Mask from the same range for 10 minutes whenever you feel the need.