04 March 2024

Thermo Minceur "Double Palper-Rouler" treatment

The alternative to liposuction

Ready to shine this summer with a sculpted figure and peak confidence? At Guinot, we understand just how motivating the summer season can be to achieve your slimming goals.

Whether you're dreaming of slipping elegantly into your favorite summer outfit or feeling perfectly comfortable in a bikini, our exclusive TechniSPA® treatment method in Institut is here to help!
Discover our tailor-made anti-cellulite treatments, designed to promote inch loss, reinforce firmness and tame stubborn orange peel skin.

The TechniSPA® treatment device, used by your Guinot Esthetician, will enable you to work in depth on the areas you wish to target.
A true "Doctor of Beauty", she will be able to advise you on a customized program tailored to your beauty objectives : a rapid, intensive or in-depth slimming cure.

Get ready to reveal your best self and shine with confidence this summer by choosing Guinot; visit your favorite Beauty Salon !