04 June 2024

Sun Protection Care

The expert face & body range

The sun and its rays are a danger to the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

UVA rays alter the elastic fibers responsible for skin ageing, causing it to accelerate and lose its firmness over the long term; and UVB rays affect the nuclei of cells, causing the famous sunburns...

So it's vital to prepare and protect your skin against the sun, then repair it after exposure!

However, it's always a problem to part with your favorite skincare products, which you use every day throughout the year, and replace them with suncare products for the vacations, or even the season...

Why choose? Guinot innovates by offering you the right sun protection, but always combined with the right skin care, so you can continue to pursue your beauty goals!

While you're out in the sun, your skin benefits from the right skincare products, from the famous expert ranges Hydrazone for Hydration and Longue Vie for Anti-Ageing, and the right broad-spectrum sun protection, with SPF ratings from 30 to 50+.

Before, during and after your exposure to the sun, face and body, you can now continue your skin care under the sun... when it needs it most!

Discover the complete Soin Protection Solaire range at your nearest Institut de Beauté Guinot or in our online store.