01 April 2024

Detox Care

Let your skin breathe

Pollution, present everywhere, not just in cities, can "asphyxiate" all skin types. Our lifestyles also contribute to the production of toxins by the skin (unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, stress...). The consequences are a dull, tired complexion, lacking vitality and giving way to the appearance of imperfections.

That's why Guinot invites you to discover or rediscover Soin Détoxygène ! Performed by our expert beauticians, this detoxifying, reoxygenating treatment works in 1 hour to eliminate dead cells, purify from toxins and pollution, and reoxygenate the skin. The result: skin that breathes and regains its natural radiance!

Take advantage of the warmer weather to treat your skin to a Detox break. Visit your nearest Institut Guinot today and be amazed by the spectacular results of this treatment!