04 April 2022

The Bioxygène Mask

The Depolluting Mask

In everyday life, all skin can be polluted and "suffocated"...

External pollution (exhaust fumes, industrial and agricultural pollution, etc.) or internal pollution (confined atmospheres, cigarette smoke, suspended microbial contamination, etc.) is deposited on the skin and dead cells accumulate, preventing it from breathing. Indeed, the "asphyxiated" cells are deprived of oxygen and their metabolism slows down.

The complexion is then "blurred" and lacks radiance?

With Guinot, offer your skin the best of radiance with the Bioxygène mask: the new decontaminating mask to be applied once or twice a week!

Once applied to the skin, it absorbs the polluting particles that have settled in the air; its formula captures heavy metals like a pollution magnet.

It also forms a protective anti-pollution film to reduce the adhesion of particles to the surface of the skin and limit irritation caused by pollution.

The skin is visibly decontaminated, immediately clearer and breathes better. The complexion is brighter and more even.

Our favourite: it will melt away with its creamy, "whipped" texture!

Visit your nearest Guinot institute or our online shop to discover this innovative face cream.